Saturday Night Market Weekend Entertainment in Goa Arpora

Prices of most of the items are atrocious. Be sure to bargain. You may be lucky to get some merchandise at one-fourth of the original price quoted. If not, then pretend to walk away. You can always come back if you have set your heart on buying the item.
Saturday Night Market At the end of it all, you will be hungry. Head to the food stalls where there is a variety of fast food available. Sit down with your plate of Tibetan memos or Wada-pao and enjoy the live music. Also circled the food stalls, they have everything from authentic Tibetan memos to hotdogs, to Indian Street food. We travelled approx 1.5 hours to visit the market and was not disappointed It was HUGE! the live music and variety of food was a real bonus.
Being disabled I was worried if my mobility scooter would cope with the rough terrain but it was fine. there were places i couldn't get to because of steps but all in all it was a really good evening out. Plenty to see and buy.

Definitely worth the visit.

Saturday Night Market Goa We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Saturday Night Market Shopping and Entertainment in Arpora. There was a varied selection of goods on sale, some of which was pretty cheap and tacky but there were some lovely items too. The stall holders were all really friendly and there was lots of banter during price negotiations. The spice stalls were amazing with their wonderful smells and beautiful colours. There was a great selection of jewellery at reasonable prices and beautiful fabrics. I wished I had left more room in my luggage. My favourite buy was an ink drawing of a family of elephants on banana leaves - magnificent! The atmosphere was lively with lots of people and, of course, a few cows roaming around checking out the wares and the food stalls. All round, it was an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Weekend Saturday Night Market Weekend Saturday Night Market is more than just a place for buying exotic items. There is music, live shows, acrobats, DJs, live bands, food, drinks, and partying. Indian and international bands play music while jugglers and flame dancers give the place a cool party vibe. You have Fortune tellers for the curious, tattoo artists for the ones who want to stand out, mehndi artists who are very skilled and offer an array of designs, tarot cards are also available here. It has even astrologers and fortune-tellers. the bazaar has something for everyone. Saturday Night Weekend Market is an extraordinary place for photographers too! As they can capture many happy moments happening around them.
The Saturday Night Market Entertainment in GOA has several stalls, with all kinds of accessories and food put up by a large number of foreigners and Indians.

It is always amazing to see the amount of stuff each stallholder has and to wonder how long it takes to set up and take down everything.

I managed to get a bargain very early on with the help of my sister-in- law who is more familiar with the process of haggling than I am so it was a good start. There is so much to see and lots of 'alleyways' to explore that after a while it becomes numbing as everyone wants your trade/rupees!

There was live music provided and seating arranged to take it all in. The spectacle of the market is brilliant and it gets busier as the night goes on. The array of lights make it quite special but after about an hour and a half we were ready to leave and do battle with the amazingly busy and noisy street outside. I would like to come again at Saturday Night Market Weekend Entertainment in Goa Arpora. Have fun!!!!

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